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Woofers World

Our qualified and experienced dog trainers specialise in a range of common dog behaviour issues with a tailored approach for you and your dog, including specialised programs for anxiety related issues and aggressive tendencies. All our dog training staff are full-time employees and experts in their field. With an excellent track record for effective results, your trainer will work closely with you and your dog to provide consistency and value for your desired dog training needs. Woofers Dog Training is one of just a few accredited and government approved training organisation and is authorised to conduct and assess domestic pets as part of the Obedience Trained Dogs Incentive Program. “Dog training is not just an exercise you do with your dog…it is everything you do with your dog.” - J.Whitelaw 2014 Woofers indoor dog training centre is located in Ormond, Melbourne, open Monday to Saturday and after hours by appointment. Visit woofersworld.com.au for more details.


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