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Aims of the federation

Aims of the Federation

As the national representative body in Australia for dog trainers, the NDTF aims to provide professional continuity, support and active pathways of communication for dog trainers Australia wide.

Based on up to date industry knowledge, the Federation is committed to the preservation of optimum industry practices. The shared knowledge support and transparency made available through the union of federation members aims to offer support all members across all industry sectors.

The NDTF creates a support network for dog trainers in the following ways:

Ongoing Professional Development

With recognised certification and accreditation for both organisations and individuals within the canine obedience and special training industry, in this way allowing us;

  • To provide a network of communication between dog trainers, the public, and other relevant bodies.
  • To provide industry leading information and access to expertise in the dog training industry.
  • To facilitate improvement of the standards displayed by its members through facilitating further education, communication and professional development.

Ethical Practice

Ethical practice is at the very heart of professional conduct in this industry. The NDTF aims to maintain this in the following ways;

  • To actively support the prevention of unethical treatment of dogs and dog welfare.
  • To campaign for the elimination of incompetent, ineffective and dishonest practices within the canine industry.
  • To exchange and provide information and education on scientifically credible dog training methodology, philosophy and techniques
  • Provide a network of communication between dog trainers, the public, and other relevant bodies.

Public Perceptions

The success of dog training programs can be measured by the support and confidence given to these by dog owners themselves. Public perceptions of dog training practices are central to the implementation of widespread behavioural support for dogs. The NTDF recognises the importance of public perception and aims to support this in the following ways:

  • To elevate the public perception of dog training and dog trainers through consistently high standards of practice and education.
  • To gain public recognition of the knowledge, experience and understanding required to be a skilled dog trainer.
  • To educate dog owners and to encourage and promote responsible dog ownership.
  • To advise and lobby the Government on the needs and expectations of our members and the industry.

If you would like to find out more about NDTF certification for yourself or your dog training business, contact us today at 1300 664 466 or enquire online to find out more about the application process

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